Sunday, August 2, 2009

Better Days

Even though I am tired from staying up too late last night today was a good day. Jon got up with the kids (I love that man!) and I got to sleep in. We went to church, went to a house showing (no go, they already have an offer that will most likely be accepted) and then Madeline and I made oatmeal cookies. It was a laid back, relaxing, happy day.

We went to church again today and Madeline is already behaving SO much better. I know that if we continue to go each week and are consistent in how we expect her to behave she will continue to do much better. I would like her to sit through an entire Mass at some point, but for now I am happy if she sits through the gospel.

I am thinking of packing a "church" backpack filled with things she only gets to use at Mass. I want to make them church related, not just toys, so that even if she isn't paying attenting to everything we are doing she is getting something. I just need to figure out what to put in there.

I also want to buy some stories, or get some at the library, that teach her why we go to church. I know I can talk to her until I am blue in the face, but she really seems to get it when we read stories. She just likes them better than listening to mom I guess! I know there are some coloring books that teach the different parts of Mass (I used them with my first graders) but I don't know how appropriate they are for a three year old. Any suggestions?

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