Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

This week Amber asked us
How is sending the kiddos back to school going to affect you? Is it going to be easier/harder? Are there any benefits/downfalls?Not just back to school time, but basically, summer is coming to an end. Is summer harder or easier for you to stick to your weight loss goals?

For me I don't send my kiddos to school yet. I do send Jon back since he is a school teacher and is heading back next week. I also start back part time a week after school starts this year. Even though I don't send the kids to school our schedules will change a lot!

Summer coming to and end could be a setback becuase, well in new england it gets colder. And that means more layers. And more layers means that I can cover my less favorable parts a lot easier.
While I like summer, the hot HOT weather does not make me feel motivated to walk and exercise. When it is cooler I will walk further and for longer stretches because I am more comfortable.
I will have to be better about scheduling in time for my walks. Although I do not send my kids to school I do make sure that they have different activities to participate during the day. Right now we have two scheduled mornigns- one is music with my mom for Madeline and one is playgroup for both of them on Fridays. I am planning on signing up for a storytime as well. In addition I am planning to do homeschooling activities with Madeline this year and those will need to be planned into our days so that I don't forget!
With all of that on top of normal housework, Jon's work, Jon starting his Masters degree this year (I am soo proud of him for doing this!) and my work life will be busy. But I know I need to make my exercise a priority as well as my eating habits and not fall off of the wagon with more clothes to hide under.

Here are my goals:
1. drink more water
2. eat more fruits
3. daily walks
4. exercise dvds twice a week while the kids nap. i have two i like but i would like to find one that involves a little strength training so any recomendations?
5. continue to drink only one glass of soda
6. eat regular meals- lately i have not been good about this.

The best news is that through my vacations I did not gain a single pound! In fact I lost 1.5. How awesome is that?!?! I guess all that walking really paid off.

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Good luck!