Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Owen's fall

I wanted to write about my vacation but I need to get this one out first.

I was away from my husband and kids for the first time in over a year. And I was away for four days. It was something I was excited about but super guilty about as well. Everything was great for the first three days. Jon and the kids were having a great time with his family on their own vacation and I was having a wonderful time in New Orleans.

Then Monday I got a phone call. Owen had fallen off of the deck. He slipped between two slats and just tumbled off. Ten feet off.

He is fine. He is normal. He cried for about five minutes and was over it. Jon and I (and the rest of his family) are still not completely over it.

Jon called to ask my opinion. What should he do? He felt it was okay to not go to the hospital. There was no loss of consciousness. Owen was acting normally. At this point Jon had been watching him for 30 minutes. He was walking, babbling like always and playing like normal. His sister and mom disagreed with Jon. They felt Owen should go to the emergency room. I was to be the decision maker.

Luckily my friend's husband is a pediatrician. He was there when I got the call and I simply handed him the phone, said Owen fell off of the deck and to please talk to Jon. He did. I am so thankful he was there and could talk to Jon and I about what had happened. He spent almost ten minutes asking questions. From what Jon told him he felt that a trip to the er was not necessary. Added to that the closest er is less than ten minutes away. IF anything changed they were to go immediatly. And no naps for as long as possible. When they get off of the phone my friend and her husband talked to me for a little while. They reassured me that everything sounded okay and would turn out okay as well.

Luckily everything is okay. I still watch every move he makes. A part of me can't believe how lucky we were. He landed on soft squishy soil. He could have landed on large rocks and he didn't. If I had taken that same fall I would surely have broken something or worse. But little ones or more pliable and resillant I guess.

I believe someone was watching over my baby.

No matter how vigilant we are things happen. I just count my blessings my little one is okay. I am getting to okay- just not there yet.

I don't think I will be comfortable leaving them again for awhile for the simple reason that it killed me to be over 4 hours away by plane and able to do nothing at all. I still shake when I think about it. I still want to throw up every time I think about it. But every day that I see him act like himself I feel a little better. With any luck I will feel normal in a few years.

Here is a picture of my lucky little guy with his snack and drink and happy as can be!

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Dian said...

Those are heart-breaking calls. I remember when one son was swinging a baseball bat and clobbered his little brother who had wandered up behind him. They were both crying when they came in, th older one because he just knew he had hit his little brother hard enough to kill him. Turns out, nothing was wrong but it was still pretty terrifying for all involved!