Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

Madeline is getting to be so much more independent now! She wants to do so many things on her own, but then there are times when she still wants to be the baby.
Almost every evening we go for a family walk. The other night Madeline decided she too wanted to take her baby for a walk. I love letting her try new things, but this was the longest walk! We ended up letting her walk her baby for the first few blocks and then we put her in our stroller and hung her doll stroller on the back. Most of the time she wanted to walk on the grass or the middle of the road. I think we need to plan better and walk the direction that has sidewalks next time.
At night she is still our baby though. Each night she needs her story, cuddle time, song and then be tucked into bed before she will settle. I am not complaing. I cherish these sweet moments!

Owen is my little man. He is such an active little guy and he gets into everything. He is so curious and follows Madeline around everywhere. If she does something he feels he needs to as well. It doesn't matter that she is two years older!
The other day we found him sitting on our computer desk- he had climbed onto the chair and then onto the desk to investigate our pen jar. The chair now sits in the middle of the room when we are not using it. At least until he figures out how to drag it back where he wants it!
Owen is just a happy boy. Unless he is hungry he has a smile on his little face! Today he got a kick out of feeding the goats at the zoo. I will post pictures of that later becuase the look on his face is priceless!

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Lerin said...

Those are great photos of your babies! :) Madeline sounds so independent, and Owen sounds like a handful... but the good kind. ;)