Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Blog is Good to Me

I started this blog partly as a way to just write my thoughts down. I also wanted to share my ideas with anyone who could use them. Although I am not writing about living on one income as often as I thought I would I certainly am getting to write about being a stay at home mom a lot! And there are a lot of you out there who are great about sharing with me and supporting me!

I never thought I would get things free from doing this blog. And it all started with my Yo Baby giveaway. Something else that I never thought I would do. I got some great free stuff and so did one of my readers.

Now I get to go to Boston and take my kids to the children's museum there for free! Stonyfield invited me and my children to the Boston Children's Museum for an event they are presenting with Stonyfield CE-YO Gary Hirshberg. I am going to listen to him talk about explain why choosing organics is more important than ever for your family’s health and the health of the planet – and how consumers can change our current food system for the better, things I am really interested in. They are providing daycare for my kids during the event and lunch for us afterwards. In addition they are giving us free passes to the museum to be used that day or afterwards!

At first when I was invited I thought, "That sounds awesome, too bad I can't go. It is during the week and on a day I need to work." Then I started thinking, why not? I can rearrange my schedule with enough notice to my boss. I can drive to Boston, my kids don't have school so no problem there. Although I did not want to go alone and Jon can't take the day off, he is planning another day off in just a few weeks for another event. So I called my mom. She is thrilled to go.
So now I am going. I am super excited.

I have many reasons for being happy I started this blog (which is probably why I started another one). Stonyfield just gave me another reason. I will post about how the event goes later this week along with pictures.

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