Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stonyfield Event in Boston

This post is really really late. The Stonyfield event at the Boston Children's Museum was on the 17th. And now I am getting to the post ten days later. But I have been running behind in everything lately.
The event was excellent. We got there with very little trouble. My mom went with us because I am unfamiliar with Boston and was not up to the 1 1/2 hour drive on my own. We found the right room and got M and O settled in to the free daycare with little trouble. O was a little anxious at first but I was quickly replaced by the toy cash register. M found the stamps and crayons and was on her way.

The first thing they did was give us samples of the yo Baby Meals, the new line. It was great. I was a little uncertain at first. The meals are yogurt with a fruit and veggie puree at the bottom. Something about the combination of pears and green beans was a little unsettling. But they are great. You can barely taste the grean beans, just a hint. The yogurt is great as always and is a good comb and cover for the vegetables.
Afterwards we got to listen to Gary Hirshberg, the Ce-yo of Stonyfield. I need to say taht originally I went for the free museum passes. I have been reading more about organics lately, but I was not really inclined to it. After listening to Gary talk I am much more interested in going more organic in my food choices. He is a very interesting man to listen to. One thing tha really cuaght my attention is how focused on organic he is and how committed to it. He talked about how important it is for your health, but he didn't solely push stonyfield. He talked baout how many stores are developing their own roganic lines and how great that is and how it is becoming more affordable because of it.
It was interesting to listen to how the company was started and how committed to organic foods Gary is. He didn't simply talk about Yo Baby Meals. He also talked about how and why Stonyfield was started and why roganic si good for the environment as well as people.
After listening to the information I came home and talked to Jon about it. We are making more of a commitment to eat healthier. One point Gary made was that there are tons fo reasons to go organic and only one reason not to, the cost. The cost is coming down, but it is still more expnesive. Of course in general the healthier food costs more than the junk food so it makes sense. One main reason we have not done much organic is becuase of the cost. But after listening to Gary and reading more about it Jon and I are going to try and buy more organic products. I am doing it slowly. Last week I made the switch to organic milk- it hurt the look at the price because I love to shop the sales, but it is a commitment we have made. AFter doing some reading this summer I was trying to read more lables- something about not being able to pronouce some of the chemicals in my food is a little unsettling. I began making my own bread this summer, started buying organic macaroni and cheese as well as organic and cage free eggs. And I was making a point to only buy hormone free milk, but organic is the next step. I have heard that WalMart has organic products so I need to make a trip out to the one that has a foodmart inside and check it out. This week I am going to add organic fruit into my cart and watch my bill. If going organic means we eat less junk food (because I have less money to buy it with) maybe it will help my waistline as well!
AT the event they gave us an awesome lunch and some great goody bags to take home. My mom and I spent the afternoon chasing my kids around the museum and eveyone came home exhausted. Jon is still jealous that he couldn't manage the day off of work (we have a family trip to the Big E planned next week and it is only the third week of school) but he loved looking at the pictures of Madeline and Owen playing around.

I was going to post pictures but I am having issues. If I get it fixed I will post them later.

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