Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gift Idea For Christmas

I am trying to get started on Christmas stuff now. I want to make some of my gifts this year. As you know from reading my blog I have great ideas. Some are wonderful. But I don't follow through with them. However one thing that I am good at is making gifts at Christmas. Not all, not even a lot. But I do make some each year (does Snapfish stuff count? If it does then I make more then several).

Anyway in the past I have made cookie tins. I love to bake, but when you start adding up how much time I spend baking it gets to be a lot. So I started thinking this year I would make breads. Then I found this post at Homemaking Fun. Snowman Soup. How fun is that? So I think instead of making cookies for everyone this year I will make these goodie bags instead. They will also be great for my co-workers. I will alter it slightly to make the bags bigger for families (enough hot cocoa packets and other ingredients for each member of the family to have their own "soup").

I am so excited to have found this idea. It will take far less time than making cookies (although I do love that) and although everyone loves cookies, you have to admit you get worried when yet another plate shows up at your house. I always think "there goes my diet, again." And for me baking this year will be dangerous since I am about to begin my gd diet. Having all that yummy cookie dough in the house is just asking for trouble with my blood sugar levels. But a few packets of hot chocolate? I can't really go through hot chocolate that quickly (there is no sneaking one or two little nibbles here and there)

Although for those of you who do bake I will share my time saving idea (that I am sure many have thought of before...) Last year I took one day each week for about three weeks to make cookies. I picked out a different cookie recipe each time and made a double or triple batch. After cooling I then froze the cookies. Then the week of Christmast I defrosted the frozen cookies and put them in tins. It made my life much easier and much less stressful. I didn't eat the cookies I had made early becuase they were frozen and I only had to concentrate on one recipe at a time.

What are your time saving tips for Christmas prep?

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2 Toddlers and Me said...

That Snowman Soup is very cute. I think people will think it's adorable and love it as a gift. Plus, as you said it will save you so much time. Great idea!