Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monthly Craft Challenge

Hurray! I got my stuff together and managed to get my craft done in time for this months challenge.

I wanted to create an advent calendar for Madeline and Owen. Each day they get a small treat of a hersey kiss and find out our activity for the day. Some days it is a craft, other days it is a move or making cookies, and sometimes it is an event we had already planned to do.

I found a great idea from Maya*Made. I cannot find her post from last year, but she also updated with another version this year. When I saw it was made of toilet paper tubes I was SO excited. An activity that would clear out my overflowing supply. I had been saving them for something.

I modified mine a little. The original idea used fabric. Instead I wrapped my tubes in paper and ribbon. I cut and folded the bottom of the tubes to make it able to hold things inside. I strung them together in my living room and numbered the tubes. Overall it took a little longer than I had thought, but Jon helped by hot gluing the ribbon on.

Each day we look for the correct number and find out our activity. Madeline and Owen both love it. I think they mostly love it for the hershey kisses, but they also get excited about the activities as well.

For more monthly craft challenge ideas visit Heidi!


Katie said...

Awesome way to reuse toilet paper rolls! I wondered right away what those were.

Miller Racing Family said...

It has to be the year of advent calendars. I did one but mine is a muffin tin. I love your calendar with the little activities and the candy. I totally agree you would think these project shouldn't take so long but boy was I wrong. Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous weekend!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

So cute and SO creative! I love that you had a whole bunch of these just waiting to be used. Reminds me of when I was teaching...I had boxes full!! :) Thanks for joining us in the's always fun to see all of the creative ways others decorate for the holidays!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun advent calendar! My boys get really excited about the candy in ours too!!

Jamie said...

Very cute and creative! Thank you for sharing!