Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Craft Corner

This has been a quick week. I have not had time to post at all due to life in general. I didn't post on Tuesday about ways I save money becuase I lost my internet connection again (I think we finally have it all fixed) and I didn't post Thursday about our homeschool because this week was a review week and I was exhausted from spending the morning at a local childrens museum.
But I am getting it today. Today is my first installment of my own Friday Craft Corner. I love to do crafts with my kids. And I have been trying to record these ideas more often as well as trying to find a way to store or display them. But that is another post for another day.

Today's craft is Snowmen Bottles. (sorry I dont' have a pic of mine) To make these cute guys you need to following:

empty water bottles (or another size willl work, I chose something small) label removed
white paint
black paint
paper eyes, buttons and eyes
ribbon for the scarf

They are very simple to make. First paint the bottle white and let dry. While the bottle is drying you can paint the lid black (we didn't end up doing that). When the paint is dry glue the eyes, nose and buttons on with white elmers glue. Then tie a scarf around the neck and you are done.
To weigh ours down and keep them form constantly falling over I added water. Another idea I had (just didn't get around to) is filling the bottom with sand or rice and then adding white microfiber filling. This will help make the snowman even whiter.

I combined this actual idea from a few different ones I saw around the internet. This method worked best for my kids ages and attention span.

What crafts have you done this week?

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