Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I planned my meals out for this week on Thursday when my sales flyer came and I was making my grocery list. Then tonight I was looking at my plans and realized that I planned a meal for tomorrow night that requires items from the grocery store that I am planning on going to tomorrow. Not a problem except it is a crockpot meal which needs to be started around lunch and I won't get to the store until afternoon or evening. It took some rearranging but I was able to keep the same meals and just switch days. Lesson- plans your grocery day before planning your menu!

The end of this week is light. Jon is going away for the weekend and my parents and grandparents took pity on me and are each having me over one night (no cooking or cleaning for me plus I get some help with the kids!). I am going to take advantage of the light grocery shopping week and head over to BJ's to use some coupons and buy some stock up items.

Monday: brinner- scrambled eggs, pancakes (making a double batch and freezing some for breakfasts later in the week), sausage and fruit (about $3.88 to serve four)

Tuesday: tacos! ( about $4.50 to serve 4)

Wednesday: Stuffed shells and salad. I have wanted to try stuffed shells for awhile and the shells are on sale at the store this week. I know they aren't hard but I tend to stay away from multi step dinners =) ( about $5.78 for 2 dinners- 1 to eat and 1 to freeze)

Thursday: baked mac and cheese and veggies- I am having a tribal batch playgroup. This is where several of my MOMS club moms get together and make dinner. Everyone takes home enough for one or two meals. You only dirty one kitchen, get a cheapr price(by buying in bulk), and we have fun while cooking! I am making two dishes, one for that night and one to freeze. (about $3.62 to serve 4)

Friday: Visiting my grandparents and we are having Chinese...yummy! (free)

Saturday: Over to mom and dad's. (free)

Sunday: Golden chicken and noodles in the crockpot and veggies. ( about $4 to serve 4)

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Colie's Kitchen said...

Thank you for sharing your Menu Plan! I am always looking for new ideas to feed my family.