Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Craft Corner

This week we started making our valentine decorations. Truthfully I would have started a couple of weeks ago, but I thought Madeline would drive me nuts counting down the days if I started too early.
So today we made hearts. It went along well with our H theme. It is an activity I found on dltk-kids. Madeline really liked it because it gave her a chance to use her scissors. This is a skill we are still working to master, but she likes to try sometimes!
What you need:
two different colored pieces of construction paper

Draw a heart outline on one piece of paper.
Cut the second paper into strips. Allow your child to the cut or tear each strip into smaller pieces.
Glue the cut/torn pieces into the heart outline.

It was very simple. My 1 1/2 year old glued his pieces, including a long strip of uncut paper, onto his heart as well. Ours are now decorating our backdoor.

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