Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday and my 200th Post!!!

I cannot believe I have written 200 posts! I have been blogging for almost a year so I gues it isn't that unreasonable...but it still surprised me.

Last week we were really good about sticking to the menu plan and I actually remembered ALL of my ingredients at the grocery store the first time. This week (other than a bottle of barbecue sauce for Sunday) we are eating from the freezer and pantry each night.

This week's Menu Plan-

Monday- brinner (eggs, sausage, pancakes and oranges)

Tuesday- cheese and chicken quesadillas. Always a family favorite!

Wednesday- Pot pie from the freezer. I made a couple of these about a month ago and froze one to have later. All i need to do is roll out the biscuits for the crust and bake it.

Thursday- Spaghetti and meat sauce and vegetables

Friday- Baked chicken, stuffing and mixed vegetables

Saturday- planned leftovers for the kids and Jon, Moms night out for me!

Sunday- crockpot ribs

For more menu plan ideas visit I'm An Organizing Junkie


Namine said...


I wish I could meal plan!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on number 200! How exciting! Your meals sound delicious. I love "brinner" and am going to start calling it that around here!