Monday, February 22, 2010

Friend Making Monday

Every week Amber at {aefilkins} hosts Friend Making Monday. This week her question is:
What did you do this weekend? Confess it.
On Friday I sat around all afternoon and evening babying my sore body. I took the kids to a local childrens museum in the morning and spent WAY too much time on my feet and crawling around after them. Sometimes I forget I am almost 6 months pregnant. So The afternoon and evening were a wash of me resting while Jon did everything.
Saturday was better:
I slept in
We took the kids to the park to feed the ducks and Owen was VERY excited by all the birds
we saw. I tripped and fell up a few stairs while carrying Owen on the way out which was scary
but I got away with just a scraped knuckle and two sore knees.
We went grocery shopping and got it out of the way!
We took the kids for ice cream (free with coupons)
I got a 58 for my blood sugar (way too low!) after dinner so I got a scoop of REAL ice cream to
bring it back up!
I let Jon sleep in
We went to church in the morning
I went shopping and bought:
Madeline and Owen's Easter outfits
A new dress and new bras for me
New lamps for my bedroom which I am planning to make over (stay tuned for pictures
when I get it done!)
I cleaned out my hope chest and made a HUGE bag of sweaters that no longer fit to give
That was my weekend. Not super productive but a good time overall!
For more FMM visit Amber!

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Christina said...

sounds like a good weekend, you just reminded me I need easter stuff yikes I am so far behind!
Happy FMM