Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Happy first day of February!

Last week's menu was a bust. Due to my dog eating part of dinner one night and then a stomach bug that caught three of the four of us later in the week we only ate about three of my planned meals. The good news is that I don't have to plan (or shop) for as much for this week.
Hopefully the stomach bug is gone and my dog stays off of my counters this week!

Monday- crockpot chili (cook 1 lb of meat and freeze half before adding other ingredients) and cornbread for Jon and the kids. I have work until 6:30 and then a meeting for a museum I volunteer at so I will eat a sandwich while in between the two.

Tuesday- Brinner- scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes (maybe waffles if I have the energy to find my waffle iron) and fresh fruit.

Wednesday- Soft Tacos for Jon and the kids, most likely a taco salad for me

Thursday- Jon has class and I have to work (at the same place he takes class). We will have blts with the leftover bacon from Tuesday night, fruit slices and string cheese. The kids and the babysitter will have chicken nuggets, vegetables and fruit slices.

Friday- dinner at my mom and dad's to celebrate my birthday! My mom is making a spiral ham, yummy!

Saturday- meatball grinders and salad with friends who are coming over to celebrate my birthday! I am cheating a little on my gd diet so I can have my cake (no fair turning 30 and not getting to eat cake!) so I will most likely just have the meatballs and lots of salad.

Sunday- my birthday! Pasta and meat sauce (with leftover meat cooked and frozen from Monday) and vegetables from the freezer

I love the crockpot for nights that I work. I can get things started very easily before I head out and then Jon has one less thing to do when he gets home. He doesn't mind cooking, but I also know that if I don't leave ingredients (and sometimes even if I do) he makes something quick, easy and not quite as nutritional as I would like. And since the kids eat quick and easy with the babysitter I figure I can cook something. The crockpot is great for that! I leave at 1 and he gets home at 4:30 and dinner is ready for him at 5:30, perfect!

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