Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Wedding

Jon and I got married alomst six years ago and while it was in May I am writing about it now because our wedding favor was featured as a tip over at Saving Money and Living Life on their Wedding Wednesday. They have some aweomse ideas and tips on their blog!

My wedding was on May 8, 2004. It was almost our anniversary of when we started dating which is May 10 (now Owen's birthday)which amuses us. We didn't plan it that way, it just worked out to be the best Sunday in May for us. We had a beautiful day and it was everything I had dreamed of.
The rehersal didn't get off to a great start though. Jon and his entire family were traveling from their hometown 2 hours away from my hometown where we got married. They got stuck in traffic and were about 30 minutes late for the rehersal. I was aggravated at the time and I had a bridezilla moment. I had wanted Jon to take the day off of work and he refused saying he could make it in enough time. It did cause an argument but we (obviously) got over it and looked at the bigger picture of our wedding and beginning our life together.
After we got over that hump things went beautifully. The rehersal when well and we headed off to dinner. At dinner Jon had an awesome surprise for me. We had planned to drive down to DC for our honeymoon. I know it doesn't sound very romantic but we figured there was a lot of things to do, it was inexpensive and we had just bought a house that we were fixing up (which Jon didn't move into until 6 weeks after our wedding...a story for another time...) so I was reluctant to spend a lot of money. Jon did some research without telling me, found a great deal and booked us a honeymoon in DISNEY WORLD! He gave me the itinerary at our rehersal dinner. He had planned everything. The flights, the hotel, our park passes, a car to drive us to our hotel from the airport and then back at the end. He had even contacted my parents to ask them to drive us to the airport and pick us up when we got home. I love love love Disney World. But I don't know what was better, the trip or having everything planned out for me. This is completely unlike my husband and it was wonderful.
Our wedding day was beautiful. In May weather can be unpredictable in New England. But we had a sunny day i the high 60's which was perfect. They were predicting rain but it held off until after our pictures were done.
I still remember seeing Jon up at the alter waiting for me. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. We had our wedding in my church and although we chose not to have a full Mass our priest easily accepted that and we had a wonnderful ceremony.

Our reception was lots of fun. Instead of having guests tap glasses to get us to kiss (as in the tradition) we asked that anyone who wanted to see the bride and groom kiss get up and sing a song with the word love in it. We were not sure how many people would do this. Well we have a very fun group of friends who really got into the whole singing thing. It was hyusterical to hear all the out of tune singing and well worth the pda which I am not always overly fond of.

My wedding was one of the best days of my life. Having all of our friends and family around us and happy for us was one of the best feelings for Jon and I. Many people talked about how opposite we are and wondered if we would make it in the beginning. But in the end our basic morals and values are the same and the things like neatness and organization and being on time and being outgoing or an introvert, those are not the important things. And over the course of our realtionship we have balanced each otehr out. He reminds me to have fun and not stress the small stuff. And I help him to not procrastinate as much, plan better stress a little more when he should =) Our friends and famiy see how well we balance each other out, although our differences are still very clear and commented on often =)

I think the quote on our wedding invitation really sums up our relationship
On this day I will marry my friend. The one who shares my dreams, life and love

All of my pictures are on my external hard drive which is with my dad at the moment. When I get it back I will share some of my favorite pictures with all of you =)

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