Friday, February 12, 2010

Fridat Craft Corner

I was inspired by Tired, Need Sleep and her art box activities for her son. Instead of handing my kids a project and the materials to complete it, I gave them a basket full of materials and an idea to work with. This week we worked on valentines projects.

In the basket was glue, markers, crayons, do a dot markers, construction paper, valentine colored tissue paper, stickers, heart shaped doilies and ribbon. I let them have fun and they created some masterpieces.

With Owen I put glue all over his paper and let him go to town. He had quite a few layers of hearts on his papers and he had a great time. He would put doilies and hearts on the paper and I would add another thin layer of glue and let him add more decorations. I also helped him peel stickers (which he LOVES) to add to his creations. He was very pleased and actually spent about 20 minutes working on his cards!

Madeline first chose to put stickers on some doilies which she later deemed decorations and put up on the back window. Then she took construction paper and glued tissue paper hearts on them along with doilies and ribbon. She used her own glue so it took a long time to dry. I am trying to teach her to use small dots of glue, but she prefers globs and well, glue is cheap so I don't worry about it too much. I cut out the hearts for her and Owen to glue to the paper. We are still working on scissor skills and since I wanted her to enjoy the project I did the cutting, plus tissue paper is not as easy to cut since it is flimsy. She cut up her ribbon and loved it. Madeline worked on her decorations for over half an hour.

Since both kids' attention span with crafts isn't usually this long I think I will approach more projects this way. It is easier for me, less planning involved, and it is great to see the final creations!

The cards came out super cute and if I could find my camera you could see for yourself =)


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

M used to use puddles of glue too and only recently has started being a bit more conservative (thankfully!). Like you said, it's cheap and not that big of a deal and they get to explore it as much they want! I wish you had your camera because I would LOVE to see their final products. I'm so glad they enjoyed your art basket - sounds like it was a success! Thank you for linking up. :)

Our Country Road said...

The projects sound pretty, you do a great job of describing. I love that your daughter deemed her art decorations :)