Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Boy....

So my birthday is the weekend.
And I am not super thrilled about it.

This is surprising for me. In the past I have insisted on birthday weeks (one year I even got a small gift each day- a candy bar one day, magazine another, more candy, flowers, etc). I love birthdays. I especially love my birthday and getting to sleep in (if it is a weekend)and having Jon cook dinner and all the extra attention. We go out to dinner and no one sings (I don't like THAT much extra attention) and it is always fun. My mom has us all over for dinner another night and I get to pick my favorite meal. It is always fun.


This is my 30th birthday.

Yeah, yeah 30 isn't all that old.
But I am leaving my 20's. And that is what hurts.

I have everything I wanted before I turned 30- a husband I adore (most of the time!), two kids who are great with another on the way, a great home, my bachelor and masters degree and I get to be a sahm. There really is nothing else on my must do before 30 list. I went to Europe for 3 weeks right after college. I have lived on my own (with a roommate) before Jon and I got married. The little things have been done. I am happy with my life.

Of course it doesn't help that being pregnant I have gestational diabetes. Normally I am okay with it, but not having cake on MY birthday? I don't care that I can't drink alcohol. I like drinks, but honestly I don't mind not having any. I just want my cake! Grr....

I don't even really know why I don't wnat o be 30. I cannot pinpoint one reason, and the few I have come up with really don't make sense. Like that I just like saying that I am in my 20's. Up until about a week ago I really didn't care too much about it. And if you ask my friends I still don't mind it.

But you my blog readers, you know the truth.

I. Don't. Want. To. Be. 30.

(sorry for the pity party...I'll be better in a couple of days I promise!)

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Sarah Lou said...

I felt that last year , and then once I turned that dreaded word, I realised it wasnt any different. Now im dreading 31!

Have a fantabulous 30th birthday!