Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Craft Corner

This is actually the craft we did last week, but I was too sick to post it. I found the idea on another blog and I am truly sorry that I can't remember what blog it was. I found the idea before my computer crashed and I lost all of my favorite links. Lukcily I remembered the craft, but sadly not the blog.

This week we painted with ice cubes. To do this you need:

ice cube trays filled partway with water
food coloring
craft sticks
coffee filters

Start by adding drops of food coloring to the ice cube trays. I chose to make two yellow, two blue, two red and two purple (one for each kid).

Insert craft sticks and put tray into freezer overnight.

The next day take the tray out of the freezer and remove the ice cubes from the tray. The original post where I found this idea suggested letting the ice cubes sit for a few minutes as they paint better when they melt a little. I didn't preplan and instead used the microwave for about 8 seconds.

Give each child the ice cubes (I put them in bowls) and coffee filters. Have the children paint the coffee filters with the ice cubes.

Allow to dry.

I cut ours into heart shapes and we taped them to our front window for valentines day decorations. You could also use this as a lesson in coloring blending and mixing.

I also froze some clear ice cubes with craft sticks to use at a later time. I want to have the kids color with markers and then bleed them by painting with ice cubes. I will post pictures when we do this!


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

These turned out very cute! I bet they had a lot of fun painting with ice cubes! We did something similar last summer outside, but I didn't think to put craft sticks in for handles, and those little ice cubes were COLD! :) I love that you cut these into heart shapes - very pretty hanging in the window!

Our Country Road said...

Ice cube painting is on my long list of things to do someday lol! Thanks for the idea to add the sticks. Yours came out very nice!

Being us... said...

We have been snowed in for 7 days so I have some neat crafts that we have done! Check them out!