Monday, March 1, 2010

Friend Making Monday

This week Amber asked us what our design style is. Well I took the quiz at Sproost. The first time I was
50 % Modern Elegance
50% Cottage Chic

For fun I took it again and the second time I was
100% Nantucket

I don't know what I am!

I guess these describe my style as how I would love my home to be. At the moment with a 4 year old and a 2 year old (and a new one on the way) I am a "whatever the kids cannot kill themselves on" kind of girl. I LOVE to dream of what my ideal rooms would look like, but between budget issues and child issues those dreams are a long ways off.

Right now I am re-doing my bedroom. It is not the room I want it to be. It is just the leftover room. The place where Jon and I happen to sleep. I do not like to spend time in there unless I am sleeping. And I want to want to spend time in there. So I talked to Jon and he said I know our budget and to go ahead and re-do it how I want to as long as we can afford it. He isn't happy with the room either. We talked about how it is messy all the time and cluttered (partly due the the ever present pack and play that cannot go anywhere) and how we ALWAYS close the door so company will not see it- not because we want privacy but because we are emabarrassed by it. So I have a plan and it involved minimal money and some elbow grease:
*clean out hope chest (done) to make room for clothes
*clean out dressers and downsize to one that Jon and I share (his idea). We talked about putting non-season appropriate clothes in storage and using my hope chest more for clothes to cut down on the need for two dressers and make more room.
*repaint remaining dresser
*purchase two nightstands and paint to match dresser- hopefully something from a tag sale or flea market to keep them cheap.
*buy new MATCHING lamps for nightstands (done- Target for $12 each!)
*re-arrange furniture
*new curtains and blinds. I am thinking of shears with roman blinds if I can find them for an affordable price.
*doors or curtains for closet (nope, ours doesn't have any!)
*re-arrange pictures on walls

I know this is not exactly what Amber was asking this week, but her question about our design style made me think about my plans and how I want something uncluttered, open and light. I will post before and after pictures when the room is completed (hopefully in the next month before we start work on the nursery!)

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Katie Lane said...

I got 50% Cottage Chic too. But my other one was traditional country. Happy FFM!!

jackie said...

Happy FMM! The quiz got me thinking about re-doing some of my rooms too. At least you have a plan already.