Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend Making Monday

I am.... sitting here listening to the rain and catching up on reading blogs

I think.... my backyard is going to be all mud soon

I should... be working on mothers day gifts

I dream.... about going to disney world with my kids someday!

I want.... the baby hawk mei tai carrier I tried on yesterday but at $80 I gotta think about it...

I know... I have a lot of organizing to do before this baby comes

I don't like.... when I come home from the grocery story and find my dog has eaten a chocolate Easter bunny.

I smell... wet dog

I hear.... curious george on the television

I fear.... that something could happen to someone I love

I usually... like quiet rainy days, the are an excuse to do nothing!

I search... for many many toys that my kids lose (sorry, couldn't think of anything deeper)

I miss.... sleeping late

I always... am tired lately

I regret.... not traveling more before we had kids

I wonder.... how I will know when I am done having babies

I crave.... chocolate!!!

I remember... when Madeline was just born, four years goes by so quickly!

I need..... a maid. Well, maybe I don't need one but it would be nice!

I forget.... many many things these days if I don't write them down first

I feel.... content

I can.... be a good wife to Jon and mom to my kids

I can't.... please everyone all of the time, but I am okay with that

I am happy.... with my life

I lose..... my mind occasionally!

I sing.... to my kids and they like it (though I am not sure why!)

I listen... to my children talk to each other when I am not in the room. It makes me smile to hear their conversations

I shop..... at Old Navy

I eat.... all the time lately

I family

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Natalie A. said...

I just wanted to stop by because I saw you on Friend Makin' Monday! That is a great list! I think a maid would be wonderful to have! Have a great day!