Tuesday, April 13, 2010

29 weeks down, 11 to go

I am almost at 30 weeks. Something about the number 30 makes me feel like I am almost done. Then I look at the calendar and see that it is April. And June just feels so far away.

Of course, since there is absolutely NOTHING done for baby #3 it is probably a good thing I have almost 3 months left. And when I say nothing I really mean it. The baby's bedroom is still the office. The closet in the nursery/office is packed with Tupperware products that I need to sort and decided which items to keep and which to give away or sell. Owen is still sleeping in the crib that the baby will need. The bed we need for Owen is two hours away at Jon's parents' house. The bassinett that we will use for the first few months is 2 hours away at Jon's parents' house. The clothes? They are all still packed away in neatly labeled boxes.

And here I sit typing away at my blog. So you can see how concerned I am.

We did do one thing this weekend. Jon took apart the stroller that we will use in and washed it really well. So that is done. And nothing else.

Next week Jon is on vacation. And you should see the list of honey do's I have for him! I haven't even shown him yet, but here are a few of the top items:
*build another garden box (nothing to do with the baby, but something that needs to be done) in the backyard so that I can start transferring my plants outside.
*run the cable wires to the playroom (former garage) so that we can move the office out to a corner of the playroom
*move computer, desk, bookshelf, and craft drawers out to the playroom
*insulate the walls to the playroom
*touch up paint in the nursery
*set up bed for Owen with bed rails when Jon's parents bring the bed out late next week
*help me rearrange our bedroom
*dig out boxes of 0-3 and 3-6 month sized clothing to wash and start putting away
*find boxes of newborn sized cloth diapers and wash and dry

That is just a start. I know I will be adding to the list. And we need to really get a good start on things since after this there are no more breaks before this baby is born. I really don't want to bring the baby home without at least having a bed, clean diapers and some clothes for him/her.

I just feel like I have such a long time left that there really isn't an urge in me to get things done. I mean, I am due at the end of June. That is summer! And they are predicting snow here this weekend so even talking about summer being soon feels odd. But I will kick my own butt into gear soon. I really think that if I make a list and plan things out with Jon we will get quite a bit accomplished. I am hopeful to that he can plan some of the messier things (climbing into the attic and insulating walls) for days that I can take the kids out somewhere. I still want us to have at least one famly day, preferrably two. In order for everything to happen and for us not to feel like we are cramming things in I need to figure out some kind of schedule. At the end of his vacation we are having the kids' birthday party. Since we invite many of the same people we decided to have their party together this year. And since Madeline is a March kid and Owen is a May kid April seemed like a good time to celebrate. And I picked the end of April vacation becuase I figured everyone would be around.

At least I can't complain that I am bored and have nothing to do!

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