Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Craft Corner

So I have been really bad about posting our crafts lately. We have been doing a ton of them too, I just don't find the time to load the pictures onto the computer and sort through them. I know it is a lame excuse but it is the one I am going with!

But here is what we have been up to (minus pictures, sorry!)

My kids love to have me trace their hands so we have been doing lots of crafts using handprints. Last week we made butterflies (review on b) and this week we made sunflowers (we were doing y for yellow). I found a cute idea at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman and modified it to use handprint leaves. I try to tie the craft into the letter of the week but I am not always able. The sunflowers were a bit of a stretch but it worked!

We also made kites the week we were doing k. Madeline is getting so much better with the scissors. I was really impressed with her cutting out her own kite. I am trying to give her more independance in that area and let go of my need for things to look "right." It is a constant struggle for me (a little OCD I think) but she feels so proud to show people what she made so I am working REALLY hard!

I found this awesome idea for spray painting here and bought some spray bottles last week. I was going to do the project this week but it rained and this is definatly an outdoor project. So this weekend when it is in the 80's we may take the easel outside and see what we can create. I will definatly take pictures and share them if we get to this!

We have also been drawing for fun. And Madeline's people are actually starting to look like people. This week she drew her My little Pony and I could make out ears, head, horn, eyes and legs. this is new for her and I am so proud of her growth. I can't take any credit since I don't do drawing lessons (I think she should develop on her own in that area) but she is doing awesome. Owen scribbles saying dada or mama and I'll ask him if he is drwaing dada or mama and he will smile and say yes. So I try to label his pictures (like I used to with Madeline) so we remember what he drew at each age.

I am working on a craft of my own, a way to display the art projects my kids are making. I found some awesome inspirations and am hoping to get some work done this weekend. If all goes well I will share my own art project next week.

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