Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Friday Evening

It is 10:30, I am exhausted but for some reason I am not in bed. My mind is all over the place. Some of the things spinning around it are:

*why is it that mother nature must tease us in New England? Yesterday it was 70 and sunny and today it is 50 and rainy. I am fine with 50 in April (it is more preferrable than the snow we have had in the past) but could you make up your mind already Mother Nature?

* how is it that 10 weeks can seem so long and so short at the same time? I hit 30 weeks today. That means in roughly 2 1/2 months we will be a family of five. My little Owen will not be my baby anymore. And I will be awake every 3 or so hours around the clock. AND I will finally get to meet my new little one and introduce Madeline and Owen to their new brother or sister! Can you tell my hormones are a little nutso?

*I am so glad that Jon is on vacation this week. Even though I know it won't be a vacation for me, it does mean a little extra help around the house and it forces me to slow down (not a bad thing) since Jon's approach to daily life and mine are very different at times.

*I am getting excited watching my garden grow indoors. Madeline is having a great time talking about how our plants are growing each day. Owen likes to look too but doesn't get as excited as Madeline and I do. With any luck I will be able to plant some of the sprouts outside this week before they take over my kitchen.

*My moods are so all over the place lately. One minute I am completly content with life and the next I am extremly frusterated over something.

*I think I have chose a new name for my blog. I am playing around with it a little more, but I feel like this is much more than living on one income. We are living on one income yes, but it isn't just living. We are enjoying living, creating happy memories for the kids, building our family all on 1 income. Stay tuned to see what I can come up with.

*We had a small scare with the baby this week. It turned out to be nothing (literally nothing) but it was a long day. I haven't told any family or friends about it because I *know* they will worry about me. In the end it was actually a little embarassing when we learned the reason for the scare.

*My blood sugar numbers are getting a little higher. Still within range but eating is going to get a little trickier. This is a sure sign I am well into the third trimester.

*It is almost 11, I am exhausted and I need to go to bed so why am I still writing?

I warned you that my thoughts were all over the place. Enjoy your weekend, hopefully it is drier than ours is supposed to be.

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