Friday, June 4, 2010

Letters of Intent

Dear Madeline-
I love that you are an independant little girl and I love that you are trying to be my little helper. I am so glad that you are excited about the new baby and want to help with him/her. I just hope that excitement continues after the baby comes home!

* * * * *
Dear Garden (again),
Could you please stop producing quite so many weeds? It is really hard to keep up with the weed pulling at 37 weeks pregnant. I am trying my best, and I appreciate your ability to thrive even without a daily weed pulling that you so desperatly need.
-your exhausted gardener
* * * * *
Dear Baby #3-
I am sorry you do not have a name yet. We are so torn between two or three boy names and two or three girl names. Rest assured you will have a name when you are born so do not feel like you need to stay put any longer than necessary for fear of not being named.
Oh and my ribs would greatly appreciate it if you could stop kicking them.
-love mama
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the Spocks said...

Kids aren't always the easiest to name. Choose a good one. Visiting from Foursons.

Beth said...

Visiting from LOI. Your little girl sounds cute. How fun that she is excited about the new baby!

Good luck with the garden. The prospect of weeds has convinced me not to try!

Pick a good name! :)

Foursons said...

I bet Madeline will do great when the little one arrives. How fun that she is excited too!

Oh those weeds. They just won't quit will they? If someone could figure out how to make our plants and grass grow like the weeds do they'd be multi-billionaires. On second thought- maybe I need to get on that.

When my 8 year old was born we thought he was going to be a girl. Alyssa Nicole. He came out a boy peeing all over the doctor who called him a girl and we were scrambling for a name.

Thanks for linking up, not much longer 'till you are holding that sweet angel!