Friday, June 11, 2010

Letters of Intent

This is my third week linking up with Foursons with Letters of Intent Friday!

* * * *
Dear followers-
I am sorry I have not been around as much lately. And when I am I am quite whiny and boring. I apologize but these last few weeks of pregnancy I have very little to say that does not revolve around food I can't eat or toes I can no longer see. Please bear with me, I promise to be back to my writing soon!
* * * * *
Dear Madeline and Owen,
I am sorry I cannot play as much as I would like and you would like. I am very big lately (as you can see) and just don't have as much energy. I know you don't understand (being 2 and 4 you shouldn't need to) but it will all change soon. You will have a new brother or sister to torture...errr love I mean. And mommy will have the ability to do things again, as well as a lap!
love, Mama
* * * * *
Dear Mother Nature-
Thank you SO SO SO much for taking pity on me and cooling down. 90 degree weather with high humidity in late May and early June was not fun at all. This nice 60 and 70 degree weather is so much easier on me (and my swollen feet). I do enjoy the sunshine for my kids to play outside in as well.
Oh and my garden appreciates the rain! It is growing wonderfully!
from the uncomfortable pregnant lady in Western MA


Foursons said...

Oh girl, I feel for ya'. I hated the end of my pregnancies. They were so stinkin' uncomfortable. Hang in there.

Thanks for linking up, I'm glad the weather is cooperating for you now!

Beth said...

Hang in there sweetie! Baby will be here soon! Cooler weather must be a blessing!