Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Bucket List

There are so many things I want to do with the kids this summer. It isn't that I feel the need to fill our days. I do like to have things planned, but since they are home with me full time summer is really no different from the school year. But during the summer there are so many opportunities that we don't have during the winter that I want to do them all. However I am going to (try to) be realistic and know that with baby #3 due in two weeks we may not get to everything. So this is my wishful bucket list, and I am starring the items that are most important to me!

* join and complete the library summer reading program

go strawberry picking (done!)

go blueberry picking

visit the sprinkler park each week

*visit Lupa Zoo

*go to Maine for a week in August

go to Santa's Village in NH (while in Maine in August)

swim at Chicopee Memorial State Park

*take Madeline to get a pedicure for a mommy and Maddy day

*take Owen to the park for an Owen and mommy day

feed the ducks

watch the fourth of july parade

*watch the fourth of july fireworks

make s'mores

*visit the Farmer's Market

*play at the park

take the kids to see Toys Story 3

go to a free movie (they are offering them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this summer)

*teach Madeline and Owen how to ride their tricycles

make homemade sidewalk chalk

lots of fun arts and crafts (no specific projects planned yet but I will think of some!)

*make homemade ice cream (done!)

visit the town carnival

*get ice cream at Westview Creamery and feed the goats

*walk to Sammy's one evening for yummy soft serve ice cream

have friends over for a fire pit

Wow, that is a big list. And notice that although somecost money, many are free or very inexpensive. It isn't about spending money, it is about time spend together! I am sure I will think of things to add to it as well. It is going to be a great (if hectic and BUSY) summer!

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