Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Another week gone and I am still pregnant. Ah well, only two weeks left to go. I am continuing to plan out my meals even though I know I may not make them. At least this way if I am still pregnant I know what to make! And when the baby is born I will use my freexer stockpile for a few days when I get home. I am also trying to keep the fridge stocked without overstocking it so I don't need to worry about shopping right after the baby is born.

Last week we were supposed to celebrate Jon's birthday on Saturday. We had invited two couples that we are friends with over with their kids. Well both kids got sick and everyone had to cancel! So we are *tentatively* rescheduling for this Friday. We shuffled leftovers night to Saturday (we had plenty in the fridge) and I shuffled a brinner from this week into Sunday. I meal plan on Thursday because that is when the sales flyers come out and I shop on Friday when the sales start (or at least I have been for about a month now) so I was able to rearrange meals without a trip to the store easily.

This is Jon's last week of full time work until September! He is on vacation from this Friday until July 1 and then will teach summer school for four hours a day for until August 6. It would be wonderful to have him home all summer but in order for me to stay at home like I do we need the summer school income. The upside is that he only works four hours a day and only teaches two classes a day as well.

This week's meals are:
french toast (I have been craving it and the kids love it) and fruit
toast and fruit
cereal and fruit
yogurt, granola (I need to make another batch!) and fruit

Lunches (always with a fruit and/or vegetable)-
macaroni and cheese
chicken nuggets
fish sticks
hot dogs
grilled cheese
english muffin pizzas
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


Monday- chicken stir fry with egg noodles

Tuesday- homemade pizza

Wednesday (Jon's birthday!!)- buffalo chicken (this was on the menu for last week but I did not get time to make it) I plan to make enough for two meals and freeze one of them

Thursday- pasta and meatballs (a weekly staple at this point)

Friday- chinese food and cake to celebrate Jon's birthday

Saturday- hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill

Sunday- turkey empanadas grande for Fathers Day. This is one of Jon's favorite meals.

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