Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Money Saving Tuesday

This week I don't have any suggestions on how to save money. We are having to tighten our belts a little around here due to rising property taxes, the addition of a preschool tuition, added expenses due to a new baby and water/sewer fees as well. My water/sewer bill is going to increase by$46 a year and my taxes have gone up over $400 this year as well. Spread out over a year this doesn't seem like much, but when your budget is so tight you have about $4 extra on a monthly basis it does end up like feeling like a lot of money.

I won't be working again until September and just got my last paycheck from this past semester. Jon does get his paychecks over the whole summer and will be teaching summer school as well for additional income. However his summer school paychecks won't start until mid-July. So we will be living off of only his paycheck for the next month.

We will be cutting back in some areas to offset the additional expenses. In addition Jon has been offered the opportunity to take a PDP (professional development points) course in early July that he will get paid for. This is good news except for the fact that it comes two weeks after my due date. Jon will be teaching summer school during the day and then going immediatly over to this course for the evening. He wanted to know how I would feel about this. I think the extra funds would be nice but I am concerned about it being so close to my due date- especially since we try to plan to have our kids close to the summer when Jon is home more often. The other issue is that Jon will be taking a summer course and doens't know what days or when it will start. If it overlaps with the PDP course he can't do it. So we will see what happens.

I will be cutting back where I can. I have been buying less snacks and making more at home to help with the grocery bill. I am working on our garden and hopefully will be paying less for vegetables when it begins producing more. I am driving less since I am not working which cuts back on gas bills. Also with me not working we have no babysitter bill for the moment. So although we are short a paycheck for a few weeks we are also short a few expenses as well.

How do you cut back when your bills go up?

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Colleen said...

We can save a LOT of money by eating what's in our pantries, cupboards, freezer and fridge. You have to get a little creative, but I try not to grocery shop for a while and see what I come up with :)