Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Menu planning with a new baby is both difficult and necessary. It is difficult to find the time to cut coupons, search the sales and shop my pantry for meal ideas, but it is necessary because if I don't meal plan we will not have any food in the house and will blow our budget going out to eat and ordering in! In the past I have not meal planned our lunches, I just assume we will eat the same things we always do. But with sleep deprivation I don't always remember that I am out of something we normally eat at lunch (which is why we have no peanut butter in the house at the moment) and don't buy it at the store. I refuse to go back in the middle of the week so we make do with what we have. My poor husband has been digging in the cabinets and fridge the past few days for lunch items. I never stock lunch items for him because he isn't at home during the school year for lunch and usually just takes leftovers with him. We haven't had much in the way of leftovers (my kids are eating more) and I didn't stock lunch items for him last week. So this week I will do better and am planning lunches for the kids and Jon.


sandwiches with deli meat and fruit cocktail

chicken nuggets and french fries and apple sauce

macaroni and cheese with hot dog slices and carrot sticks

fish sticks and apple slices

scrambled eggs, sausage and toast and banana

grilled cheese and blueberries


Monday- hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill with salad (using lettuce from the garden)

Tuesday- quesadillas

Wednesday- baked lime tilapia with brocolli

Thursday- pasta and meatsauce (using ground turkey)

Friday- freezer dinner (not sure what, it depends on what I pull out)

Saturday- brinner (french toast, scrambled eggs, blueberries, sausage)

Sunday- homemade cheese pizza

Visit I'm An Organzing Junkie for more menus.

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