Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week I am trying something a little different with my menu. I planned enough dinner for the week based on what I have in the house and what was on sale as I normally would. However I am not assigning each dinner to a particular day. Lately we have had a lot of last minute changes in our daily plans (due to the weather or visitors) which leads to me switching meals around. Normally this would not be a problem but with my post baby sleep deprived haze I forget which dinners I have made or use ingredients one day that were for a different dinner and am forced to scramble to get something together last minute another day. This week I simply made a list of dinners and will choose one each morning based on the plans for that day and cross it off the list. That way I will know what dinners I have made and which ones I have not made. I planned six dinners (we are going out of town for a wedding one night) and 7 lunches for the week. Breakfast is always one of three things- yogurt and fruit, cereal and fruit or toast and fruit. I do not cook breakfast as you can see!

peanut butter and jelly (x2)
chicken nuggets
macaroni and cheese
grilled cheese
turkey and cheese rollups
hot dogs

Dinners for the week:
lemon and garlic tilapia with corn on the cob
grilled chicken with salad
sloppy joes with mixed vegetables
hot dogs and hamburgers (a weekly staple during the summer) with corn on the cob
quesadillas- chicken, cheese, pepper, corn and onion
Baked ziti with salad

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