Sunday, July 25, 2010

My 365 to a size 5 giveaway

Lauren over at My 365 to a size 5 is giving away a three month membership to Weight Watchers. I would LOVE to try weight watchers points system, especially since they will take into account the fact that you are a breastfeeding mom so I can lose weight without worrying about any breastfeeding issues. However I cannot afford weight watchers for the 20 or 25 pounds I want/need to lose (12 left from this pregnancy weight and another 10 from the last two pregnancies). I just cannot justify it this soon after the baby was born. In another six months if the weight is still with me, well that will be another story.

BUT Lauren is giving away a 3 month membership to weight watchers that I REALLY want to win. If you want a chance at winning it go visit Lauren at My 365 to a size 5

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