Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week is a normal week- I work two night and Jon has class so we are left with only four family dinners. I try to plan healthy, tasty and easy meals most nights to keep my life less chaotic!

Monday- pasta. Jon likes to feed the kids pasta, they like it and it is easy. So he requested I put it on for one of the nights I work.

Tuesday- leftovers. We have WAY too many leftovers in our fridge right now.

Wednesday- lasagna. I was going to make this Sunday but my mother in law, who came to visit for three days, brought food with her for dinner so we ate chicken and steak instead. Lasagna got bumped to Wednesday.

Thursday- macaroni and cheese in the crockpot (another postponment from last week)

Friday- fajitas or quesadillas

Saturday- meatball grinders. We haven't had these in awhile but I am craving them and we have grinder rolls in the freezer to use up!

Sunday- mini meatloaves with acorn squash. These were a big hit last time I made them so I am putting them back on the menu. I got the recipe from $5 Mom cookbook. I LOVE her cookbook!

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