Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter of Intent

Dear Mother Nature,
Thanks for the snow. All two feet of it. Lots of snow means Jon had two days off!
I appreciate you not knocking out our power. Having heat made the snowstorm much more enjoyable.
-a girl who loves winter
Dear Dad,
Thanks for plowing the driveway. We (and by that I mean Jon) would have spent hours out their shoveling if you hadn't come. And we woulnd't have the six foot tall snowpile that provided hours and hours of fun for Jon. And the kids had fun in it as well!
your favorite (only) daughter
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HollyC said...

I love to read 'letters of intent'! I think they are so much fun and I really enjoyed yours today! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the snow;0)

Foursons said...

Yay, you wrote about snow! Hahaha. I truly am jealous of your snow. I know after a week (or a day) it would be the end of me, but a few hours of play would be so nice.

And I think you must have the best dad in the world! Awesome.

Thanks so much for linking up!

Kameron said...

We got 2 feet of snow too! Do you live in New England? lol Hopefully it is nice enough this weekend to go out and play in it! (popped over from Julie's!)

Anonymous said...

If you like the snow you can have ours too. LOL Love your letters

madhu said...

Really i like your blog and am enjoyed to visit your blog..Thanks!
Letter of Intent