Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plans

Once again we did not stick to our plans for the week. I went for a quickie meal for the kids on Friday so we could go to a storytime at the Barnes and Noble nearbye. And Saturday my parents took pity on me on my own with the three kids for the weekend and brought pizza over! I did not go over budget or make any extra trips to the store thanks to my stockpile and freezer stash.
Last week I managed to add to my dinners in the freezer, something I have not done in a LONG while. Jon made chicken paremsian on Wednesday and I had defrosted extra chicken so he made two extra dinners and froze them! On Thursday I made stuffed shells with meat sauce and froze another two extra dinners. Now I went from having 2 dinners in the freezer to having 6 in just two nights. I am going to make another two meals for the freezer this week as well. I go back to work in a few weeks and I know I will be happy to have dinners ready to go for the first couple of weeks while settling in. They are also great to have for weeks when I want to spend more of my weekly budget on restocking my stockpile or spending a little extra on organic items.

This week's menu:

Monday- dinner at Chilis for a fundraiser for our local children's museum.

Tuesday- nachos with chicken

Wednesday- pasta and sausage

Thursday-stir fry. this is a great way to use up veggies and leftover meat in the fridge.

Friday- Brinner (a weekly staple!)

Saturday- Sloppy joes (making a double batch and freezing half)

Sunday- Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs

For more meal ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie


SuperMom Blues said...

Okay, what is Brinner??? LOL.
I love making double and freezing. I have a problem with freezer burn on my stuff though, how do you avoid this?

I am glad you said "stir fry" I had completely forgotten that I have some leftover pork chops I need to cut up and freeze for that exact purpose!! LOL!

Keli said...

We love brinner! (Well the kids and I do :) ) Your menu sounds great!

I've been looking for a good nacho recipe.

Have a great week!