Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu Plan

It is week number 2 of being back at work. I was off for a month and definitely lost the rhythm it takes to get everything done during the day so when I get home from work I can just sleep. but I will get back into the habits I need. Last week I got out early one night due to snow. We are expecting another storm on Wednesday so I may have an early night again, we will see.

Last week we did well with our menu plan. The only deviation was Sunday I picked up fried chicken while grocery shopping. I wanted to go out to eat but it wasn't in the budget. So instead I took $5 of our grocery money and bought fresh fried chicken. Unhealthy? Sure. But it tasted great! Jon was very happy when I got home, turns out he has been craving it for awhile! It was a cheaper way to curb my craving for going out and Jon has lunch for tomorrow as well.

On this week's menu:

English muffins
blueberry muffins (to be made on Monday for one of our M review day activities) I will substitute unsweetened applesauce for the oil to make them a little healthier.

bologna and cheese
grilled cheese
peanut butter and jelly
chicken nuggets

Monday- chicken nuggets and broccoli cheese soup for Jon and the kids. I get the soup for my dinner at work.

Tuesday- cheese quesadillas

Wednesday- macaroni and cheese for the kids, leftovers for Jon and a tuna sandwich for me at work

Thursday- Pasta and meatballs, cheesy garlic bread sticks, and ceaser salad

Friday- kielbasa (on the George foreman since digging our grill out would take at least 30 minutes), rice and mixed vegetables

Saturday- Crockpot Cheeseburger soup. I use ground turkey instead of the ground beef in the recipe. SO yummy. Jon requested this once the weather got cold, I was just waiting for Velveeta to go on sale

Sunday- Crockpot Rotisserie Style chicken

For more menu ideas visit I'm An organizing Junkie

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Keli said...

I do that as well - buy a frozen pizza instead of going out for pizza, or something along those lines. Makes me happy becuase I don't have to cook that night, makes the boys happy because they get "take out" and makes our wallet happy as well!

Your menu sounds good! I've been wanting cheeseburger soup lately too, my kids aren't very fond of soups though. I have a similar cheeseburger soup recipe - hers is very good though!

have a great week!