Friday, January 28, 2011

Letters of Intent


Dear Mother Nature-
Remember last year when I asked where all the snow was? I get it now, you were saving it all for this winter. I love snow, but three feet in my front yard is getting to be a bit much. It swallowed our camera at some point after the first storm. I had hope that some snow might melt and it would reappear, but from the looks of the additional foot of snow since then it will be a LONG time before I see the camera, if ever.
Madeline doesn't mind missing school but she might mind when she is sitll going at the end of June. I am also wondering if Jon will work a full week again before the end of winter.
Although I would rather this snow than the below zero temperature we had for a few days. -11 when I woke up and 4 degrees at 10 am is REALLY cold.
So I get it, it is winter. It is cold in winter. It snows in winter. Thank mother nature, you made your point. There is no confusion on the season this year.
-snowbound in MA

* * * * *
Dear perfect strangers-
Please stop looking at me with sympathy. Don't pity me. Yes I have three small children. This is not a bad thing. This is not something to feel sorry for me about.
Oh and yes they were planned (not that it matters or is any of your business) and yes we can afford them. Yes I know what birth control is thank you very much.
Yes my life is busy but busy is good. Sometimes three kids under 5 is stressful. But so is one kid under 5. It is just different kinds of stress. I like to spend my day with them, I do like a night out once in awhile but I do not feel the need to get away from my kids. So don't ask me how I do it all the time. I love what I do!
I don't mind emapthy and understanding. And it is okay to smile and offer me a hand. A hand is much appreciated when my kids outnumber the hands I have. I can do it alone, but help is always nice. Feel free to smile at my kids and be amused if you want (but kindly hide your amusement if I am looking a little frazzled). I know we can be amusing. But please keep your sympathy and do NOT feel sorry for me. I am very blessed.
-a busy happy mom of three
* * * * *
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Anonymous said...

I love your letter to strangers. Sometimes people can be so rude. Being a sahm is a job you will never regret having!

Foursons said...

Can you pack up some of that snow and ship it down here? Just enough to last a day or two and to make a snowman, have a snowball fight, and a couple of snow angels. That's all. Thanks.

Strangers can be idiots. I think you worded your letter perfectly, I hope they listen!

Thanks for linking up!

Rachel said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your letter to strangers. It is so true. I only have 2 and I also get looks like I am insane for having my kids close together.

As for the snow and cold temps, I am right there with you!

Hope you have a great week!

Rachel said...

We so need some of your snow - we've been missing it this year!

And I wish I were blessed like you! Would love to have my hands full of three precious kiddos :)