Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes made me feel better today.
Life has been more stressful than usual lately. And I still can't let myself cut back on my chores. I feel like I am failing if I do. No one makes me feel this way. No one except for me. (Why are we hardest on ourselves?)
Until today.
I left a sinkful of dirty dishes when I left the house this morning.
For me that is unusual. I am not a perfect housekeeper. My house is clean but not spotless. But above all other things I HATE leaving dishes in the sink.
But this morning I did. I had dishes from last night as well as breakfast this morning.
By doing that I made my life easier. I fed both MAdeline and Owen their breakfast, I got both kids dressed, did Madeline's hair and nursed Ben without feeling rushed. I packed the diaper bag and made my grocery list. I packed the snacks for the morning. And I got out of the house on time without extra stress.
Nothing bad happened. The dishes were there when I got home and had time to clean them. They are washed and put away now.

I think I will try this experiment again another day.

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