Sunday, February 6, 2011

Menu Plan

This weekend was hectic. Jon was in a car accident Saturday night. He is fine, his truck is not. That definitely threw our weekend for a loop. He needed time to work on his truck on Sunday and then needed my car to go and find his license plate. I didn't have some of the ingredients I needed for the meals I had planned (forgot a few things at the store last week even with my list!) but thanks to my stockpile in the pantry and the freezer we were able to make do. I made lemon oregano chicken on Saturday and we had sausage and cheese calzones on Sunday. No extra items were needed.
The truck will be dealt with. Thankfully we don't live paycheck to paycheck. We are able to save and those emergency funds will come in handy. This is when budgeting and making sacrifices for the sake of the savings account really comes in handy.

We did a stock up trip to Bj's this week. For the rest of the month I hope to only buy produce and milk each week. I don't know if I can do it, it is SO hard to not use the sales to add to my stockpile. But I think we need to. My stockpile is HUGE- you should have seen my reorganizing my "pantry" which is just a large shelf above my washer and dryer- which are in a closet in my kitchen by the way. (I should post some pictures sometime.) My freezer needs a good clean out which will only happen if I don't add to it for awhile. If I can cut back we will set the extra money aside for our CSA share this summer. We opted to split a share with my parents, we are paying 2/3 and they are paying 1/3. It will be great to have local, organic produce all summer. While it is worth the extra cost, it isn't cheap. And while it will cut back on my grocery bill this summer it would be nice to find the money to pay it off now, rather than repay my savings account all summer.

On this week's menu-

English muffins
blueberry muffins

peanut butter and jelly
macaroni and cheese
hot dogs
bologna and cheese
chicken nuggets
grilled cheese
-all served with fruit, craisins or applesauce

Monday- chicken nuggets for the kids, leftovers for Jon, something easy for me at work

Tuesday- cheese quesadillas. Jon will reheat his when he gets home from class

Wednesday- pasta for Jon and the kids. something easy for me at work (yogurt, cheese stick, leftovers, etc)

Thursday- brinner! french toast topped with strawberries (from the freezer, picked at my father in law's farm this summer), scrambled eggs, and breakfast sausage

Friday- Homemade pizza

Saturday- mini meatloaves from my $5 mom cookbook. My kids call them meatballs and love them!

Sunday- Chicken in the crockpot (still in the freezer from the previous week's plan!) I will use the leftover chicken in several meals next week.

For more meal ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie


Keli said...

Sorry to hear about your husbands truck. :( Glad he's okay! It's good that you have a savings built up for things like that.

Your menu sounds good! I've been wanting to try the mini meatloaves from the $5 dinner mom.

Have a great week!

Katie said...

So glad your husband is okay, but sorry to hear about his truck. You did a great job adjusting your menu and making do with what you have since you didn't have a car to use.

I've never heard of the $5 dinner mom cookbook, but I need to check it out. I make turkey meatloaf muffins from a different recipe and they're always a hit in our house!