Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I have not posted my menu plan in a few weeks. Don't worry, I have been making and following one, I just haven't taken the time to write much on my blog.

I am trying very hard to keep my computer use to a minimum during Lent. I will let you all know how it went, and what I learned about myself (the good and the not so good) in a few weeks after Easter. I will say that this is the first year, in many years, that I have done as well with sticking to my sacrifice, and in a way it is the most meaningful one I have done.

But back to my reason for this post- my menu. I am still working three nights a week, and Jon is at class one night, so our menus are staying basic, easy and quick for most of the weeknights. I stop working one job (the two nights a week job) in one month and will have lots of time to cook again then!

The plan for this week:


bagels and cream cheese

yo baby and yo kid yogurts

fruit salad




peanut butter and jelly (Owen would go through withdrawls if this was not on the menu several times a week)

grilled cheese

macaroni and cheese

homemade lunchables

salami and cheese sandwiches

*all are served with fruit, raisins, apple sauce or baby carrots


Monday- chicken nuggets and vegetables for the kids (leftovers for me at work and Jon at home)

Tuesday- make your own pizza. I will make mini pizzas for the kids and let them top them with whatever is in the fridge (a great way to get them to eat new veggies I have found!)

Wednesday- pasta with crockpot meatballs (I will take some to work with me) and baby carrots

Thursday- nachos (Jon has been requesting these lately) topped with chicken and lots of veggies

Friday- Fish fillets for Jon and I, fish sticks for the kids. Served with rice and green beans

Saturday- Brinner- homemade waffles topped with strawberries, sausages and scrambled eggs

Sunday- Breaded chicken topped with pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese with broccoli

Visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more meal ideas!

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