Sunday, May 29, 2011

Making Choices

I was having a not so great day this week. I was tired. I wanted some time just to myself but could not find a spare minute. I was grumpy.
Owen came up, gave me a hug and said "I wuff you mommy!" And my day got better.
I was reminded how lucky I am to be at home with my children all day. A choice that Jon and I made was for me to stop working full time in order to be at home with our children. We made the choice that we would build our life on 1 income and that Jon would hold down the full time job. We made a choice that we would make our life with less in general.
We made the choice that we would not have large vacations, that we would not buy new vehicles.
Madeline will be leaving the catholic school where she attended preschool and will be going to public school in the fall. I love the idea of a Catholic education, but the tuition is not in our budget.
We made a choice that we would live in a smaller house (which has it's benefits!). Some see these things as sacrifices. And they are. But they are also choices. And when you view them as choices they seem much more positive.
Sometimes it is hard. When friends are planning vacations, or buying pools, or moving into larger houses. When family wants us to move to a nicer town. When friends invite us out for dinner. The green-eyed monster can rear his ugly head at times like these.
But when I think about the choices that Jon and I have made, the choices we have been able to make (because not everyone can have one parent stay at home) I remember how lucky I am. When I am able to drop my daughter off at school and then go home and spend the day with the boys I am reminded how lucky that I am not to be running to drop the other two kids at daycare. When I work less than 10 hours a week, and don't leave until Jon gets home, I am reminded how lucky I am.
We all make choices. If I am not happy I need to look around and see what choices I need to change. It sounds simple, and often it can be.

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