Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Groceries Week #4

I came in under budget again this week. This is a good thing because BJ's is on my list of stores to go to and I will need the money I did not use in groceries for this week and last week to pay for what I need at BJ's.

Many people I know are restocking their fridges and freezers this week due to the power outage which was a result of the tornado. I am lucky that none of my friends and family were touched by the tornado aside from the power outage. I am also lucky that I have a husband who insisted on purchasing a generator 6 years ago. We have used it a handful of times in the past 6 years but it payed for itself this past week. I was able to see at night, save the food in my freezer and fridge and also listen to the radio occasionally to hear how the cleanup was going. I am very thankful for my generator!

This week I bought some sale items (I love buy 1 get 2 free sales!) and a few things for Ben's birthday party at the end of the month.

Store #1:
marshmallows (for potty training)
4 loaves of wheat bread
1 bag of dum dum pops
a bag of black beans
3 nestle crunch bars
3 packages of English muffins
3 bags of Lay's potato chips
2 packages of pepperoni
3 packages of kielbasa
3 packages of chicken thighs
organic bananas
2 lbs of strawberries
organic apples

total before savings:$106.92
total after savings: $55.43

store #2:
1/2 pound of sliced cheese
1/2 pound of sliced honey ham
1/4 pound of sliced buffalo chicken
1 box of cake mix
1 container of chocolate frosting

Total before savings: $13.77
total after savings: $11.02

total between 2 stores:$66.45
Total under budget: $18.55

My csa share starts this week and I am interested to see what vegetables I get. I am also interested to see how this affects my weekly grocery budget. The csa share is all paid and there will be no money spent from my weekly budget.

How was your grocery trip this week?

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SuperMom Blues said...

We have a CSA share in our area as well, and have been considering trying it out - It's nice to have something like that around.

Great savings! I need to do what you do, LOL!