Monday, June 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

To say last week's menu didn't go as planned would be putting it mildly. When I planned the dinners I forgot about different things going on during the beginning of the week. Then Ben got sick at the end of the week and he was up a TON at night Thursday, Friday and Saturday which meant I was exhausted during the day. This is part of being mom and I know that, but on top of it we had several busy days including a house showing, Madeline's recital and Jon forgot to remind me he would be home late on Friday from work. By the time dinner rolled around on Friday and Saturday I was spent and not up to making the dinners I had planned. Jon took over and made different meals based on what we had around the house. I always feel bad when I don't do the things I feel are my responsibility, but I figure everyone gets help at their job once in awhile right?

Jon and Ben's birthday was Thursday. Yes, they share a birthday- Ben was born last year on Jon's 31st birthday! Poor Jon did not get much of a birthday celebration because June is a very busy month for teachers. I made his favorite dinner tonight as a combination birthday/father's day celebration and we had ice cream cake on Friday for him. For his present from me he asked that we go away at some point together without the kids for a night or two. I am hoping to get this planned for early fall. Ben's birthday part is this coming Sunday.

Hopefully we will be able to stick to our menu plan this week!

English muffins
blueberry muffins (very popular last week so we are going to make them again)

peanut butter and jelly
chicken nuggets
macaroni and cheese
hot dogs
turkey and cheese sandwiches

Monday- pasta and sausage with beets (never had them but they came with our share last week so we are going to try them)

Tuesday-breakfast for dinner: pancakes (making a double batch to freeze half) with blueberry sauce topping, scrambled eggs and sausages

Wednesday- grilled cheese and baby carrots

Thursday- macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and mixed vegetables

Friday- pasta with broccoli and chicken from my $5 Mom Cookbook

Saturday- my cousin's graduation party

Sunday- Ben's first birthday party is a cookout in the afternoon so dinner will be leftovers from it!

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