Saturday, September 3, 2011

Having it all

I see the phrase "having it all" everywhere these days. Sometimes it is "how does she do it all?" "I want it all." "You can have it all." or "How do we have it all?" Time and time again I read that the modern women can have it all. What does it all mean?

It seems like everyone is obsessed with having it all these days, and how hard it is to have it all. Most days I feel like I have it all, and it isn't all that hard. But maybe I define it differently than everyone else?

For me having it all is being at home with my kids and not having to work or put them in daycare. Having it all is living on a teacher's salary without going into debt. Having it all is having happy, healthy kids.

Having it all means a house that we can afford the mortgage on, healthy food on our plates, warm clothes on our backs and fuel for our house. And after all the necessities are paid for having it all means we can do some extras well.

Many would point out all the things I don't have and say I do not have "it all." But I disagree, having it all means having the ability to make the choices on how to live your life. We made the choice to live on one income and for me to stay at home. We made the choice to live in a smaller house and not take vacations. We made the choice to cut back even more this summer so that Jon could stay home and not teach summer school for one year. And in that case Jon and I do have it all.

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