Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This week is my first official week of doing preK3 at home with Owen. When I did preK3 with Madeline we often ran into the problem of Owen (who was 1 at the time) making a mess of whatever activity Madeline was doing at the time. Sometimes it was fine and she didn't mind. Other times we could quickly distract him with another activity she had already completed that he could pretend to do. But many times it frustrated Madeline and make things a little harder than I wanted them to be. We worked around it, but some days were more difficult. Planning for this year I had a feeling I was in for the same battle this year with Ben being 1. I wanted to learn from the past and try to find a new solution. So I thought and thought and thought. In the past often a solution was to do the work at the kitchen table, but that gets tedious. And boring. Working in the morning while Ben naps works, but only if Ben actually takes a morning nap.

Then I remembered pocket charts. And I found my solution. I purchased a relatively inexpensive pocket chart off of Amazon. Jon brought home some great heavy-duty magnets to hang it with. And since the door to our playroom is metal it works well. I can work with Owen while Ben plays in the playroom and everyone is happy.

Owen loves the pocket chart. We can move it high enough so Ben can't reach the materials in the pockets. I can take it down each day if I want, or we can leave Owen's completed work for Jon to see when he gets home. Since the chart is hung by magnets I can raise and lower it to allow Owen access to the higher pockets and he can keep completed activities up if he wants to. As you can see our letter this week is A.

The best part is that since it hangs from a door it doesn't take up anymore room. And when you live in a small(er) house space is at a premium.

I am linking up with Works For Me Wednesday. I have seen posts about it around the blogs I read but I never feel like I have something to share, but this week is different! If you are stopping by from there please leave a comment. I love to visit new blogs!

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