Friday, October 14, 2011

Letters of Intent


Dear Mother Nature,
Could you make up your mind on what season we are in? I thought it was fall, and the weather seemed to be cooler so I put away the summer clothes. Then last week we got a hot spell and I was putting together some interesting outfits for the kids to keep them cool enough. I almost dragged out the summer things again. And now it is cool again. Is it going to stay this way? Please let me know.
- a confused girl

* * * * *

Dear Ben,

I am not trying to wean you from breastfeeding I promise. But I would also prefer not to increase the number of times you nurse a day. Could we possibly find a happy medium of no change for the moment? 3 times a day works for me, 6 times a day does not work for me.



* * * * * *


Amy said...

Yep, our weather is confused too. Luckily we still have our summer clothes out. Only because we all have very small wardrobes and our summer/winter/fall/spring are kinda one in the same. LOL

Ben must be growing :-) I hope he gets back on track for you soon. That is quite tiring.

Foursons said...

Confused weather can make everyone feel sick too, I hope it makes up its mind soon.

Good luck with the nursing thing. Maybe he's in a growth spurt?

Thanks for linking up!