Friday, October 7, 2011

When things break...

Jon's truck is from the 90's. It is not in superb condition. But it runs. He likes it. And if we want to replace my Jeep for something larger(soon) we need to keep his truck. But today I hate the thing.
Jon is great at fixing vehicles most of the time. He fixes my Jeep as well as his truck 95% of the time. There are some things he can't do and those we turn over the a mechanic. Like today, the truck needs some front end work. Jon isn't able to fix things involving steering so we dropped the truck off last night. Jon took my jeep to work and I am home with the boys. Being the one at home means I get the phone call about the truck. And the moment the mechanic started off by telling that the good news is the front end parts will cost a little over $300, I started to hate the truck.
After talking to the mechanic I called Jon at work pulling him away from teaching. But when the parts of the truck add up to more than the value of the truck I pull Jon out of class to deal with it. It turns out he knew about the more extensive (and expensive) pieces but plans to fix them himself. How I wish he would have told me before I heard from the mechanic. It will still be expensive to fix, but not nearly as expensive as if the mechanic fixes it!
Our mechanic is great and knows that Jon fixes many of the issues our vehicles encounter. He was very understanding when I called and said to just do the front end and Jon would fix the rest. He even agreed to write down everything he had found wrong with the exhaust. The downside, is that even though Jon can fix the truck it is still going to cost money.
We plan for things like this to happen, although we always hope they will not. We don't spend every penny we earn every month. We save and live under what we can afford. And on days like these I am glad for that. Because we are able to save, we will not be maxing out a credit card. And we don't have to borrow money from others for things like this. We are able to plan for things to break and need repair. Because of that, while paying for the repairs isn't fun, it isn't as stressful as it could be.

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Amy said...

Both of our vehicles have died in the last two weeks. Thankfully we were able to fix them with help from family, but still.... UGH.