Friday, November 4, 2011

Letters of Intent


We are on day 6 of no power. I understand you are working hard to get us back up. And I understand that an October snowstorm is not normal in our part of the US. But day 6? And it looks like I have another two days to go without power.

Thank you for working around the clock, but could you please come to my street now?

-no power in Western MA

* * * * * *

Dear Jon,

Thank you for randomly insisting that we buy a generator six years ago. I thought you were a little weird for the request, but we did it. That generator has come in handy over the years. And this week it was a godsend. Thank you for that odd purchase. And I won't question it next time.

-your warm wife

* * * * *

Mother Nature,


Honestly, I don't get it. A snowstorm BEFORE Halloween that has left us powerless for 6 days now.

I am worried about winter.

-supremely confused in Western MA

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Foursons said...

I know it's causing all a lot of problems, but for us southerners who don't get snow, it sure is beautiful.

I hope your power gets turned back on soon, I imagine it would be awfully cold to not have central heat!

Thanks for linking up!