Friday, August 24, 2012

My helper

Up until six weeks ago Ben was the youngest.  And to say he enjoyed being the youngest is putting it mildly.  He was fully entrenched in that role.  His older sister and brother babied him as well.  And considering he is only 2 it isn't hard to believe that a new baby coming along isn't something he is always happy about!

For the most part Ben adores Wyatt.  He comes to get me when Wyatt cries and lets me know if Wyatt stops crying.  He wants to hug and kiss his brother.  But most of the time, Ben still wants all of my attention, especially when I am feeding or carrying Wyatt. 

Finding time to give all four kids the attention they need isn't always easy.  So I take it where I can get it.  The other day I was vacuuming the kitchen floor- not something I enjoy but something that desperately needs to be done several times a day when you own a Border Collie in the summer.  Ben grabbed the opportunity to spend time with me.  He saw me drag my vacuum out and immediately ran to grab his and became my helper.  While it would have been much easier to send him to another room to "clean,"  he wanted to be with me and so together we worked to clean the kitchen until his sister came along and dragged him off to play one of her games.  It was fun to watch him mimic my actions.  He even dragged chairs out of the way to get behind them.

He does love to be my little helper.

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