Monday, September 3, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I missed writing about last week's menu.  I missed writing completely last week.  But my excuse is that it was our last week of summer vacation.  This Tuesday half of this household goes back to school.  Madeline is going back to kindergarten (more about why another time), Owen is starting preschool two mornings a week and he seems to have mixed feelings about it and Jon's school starts back this week.  He is always excited to start a new year and this year he gets his own room again after spending two years traveling between classrooms with his cart so he is very happy about that change.

With the changes and the general chaos that is my family, having my meals planned for the week is extremely important.  I really don't want to spend my limited time rushing back to the grocery store to get an ingredient I forgot or trying to make a lunch for Madeline to take to school only to realize we are out of bread for sandwiches at 9 or 10 at night (sadly this has happened more times than I like to remember).  I have exhausted most of my freezer stash of pre-made meals so I won't have those to fall back on anymore either.  I am not the world's most organized person (although I am working at becoming better in this area) and meal planning helps me to stay on top of feeding my family properly.

On this week's menu:

fresh fruit

bologna and cheese (not the healthiest but it was Madeline's request this week)
macaroni and cheese
hot dogs
chicken nuggets
peanut butter and jelly
fresh fruit
carrot and celery sticks

Monday- we are eating at my parent's to celebrate my brother's 31st birthday.  I am making a cookie cake.
Tuesday-Chicken fajitas
Wednesday- Pasta, meatballs and french bread from the bread maker and salad
Thursday- Chicken drumsticks, rice and eggplant (this is Jon's favorite way for me to make eggplant)
Friday- Homemade pizza.  I make 2, one with pepperoni and one with vegetables
Saturday- hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, vegetables
Sunday- Chicken thighs on the grill, vegetables and homemade french bread (bread machine)

Madeline has requested to bring things like soup, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs to school.  But by the time she east lunch the food is quite obviously cold.  I need a good thermos that is child friendly.  Can anyone make any suggestions?

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Lisa @ CheapThrillsInOmaha said...

"I need a good thermos that is child friendly. Can anyone make any suggestions?" You ask the impossible, imho. We had a sturdy, stainless-lined Thermos brand, but it leaked. What we've done when there were still early lunchtimes, is nuke, then wrap in two layers of heavy-duty foil. Keeps sandwiches, nuggets, etc. warm, but not hot. HTH! (Visiting from Menu Plan Monday.)