Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

We had sick kids this weekend.  Madeline started it last Thursdays by coming home from school with a fever.  Nothing else, just a fever.  She took some Advil and took a nap and woke up great.  A few hours later the fever came back.  So we did more Advil and she slept through the night.  Morning brought fever and low appetite.  Advil again (notice the pattern?) and she started acting and eating normally then capped the afternoon off with a 3 hour nap.  It's odd this virus, the only thing is the fever.  No aches or pains.  Once the Advil is in her she acts normal (and fights normal with her brothers).  But Friday night brought on a fever for Owen.   And so it continued.

It's been a long weekend!  I am saddened when my kids are sick because they hate being sick and cooped up in the house.  I want them to feel better and feel normal again.  This weekend however, I also want to visit my grandparents and I can't until all the kiddos are better and we know that I am not getting sick as well!  My grandparents were moved to rehab over the weekend which is great news as they are out of the hospital.  We want to see them home again but aren't sure when this will happen.  I plan to visit as soon as everyone in my house is well again, hopefully very soon.

So what are we eating this week?  It's going to be cold so we are eating warm, filling foods.

Overnight oatmeal (bonus- no cooking in the morning!)
English muffins
Mini bagels and yogurt
Hard boiled eggs, fruit and toast

Chicken nuggets, bananas
Macaroni and cheese with applesauce
Peanut butter and jelly with apple slices
Ham and cheese, raisins
English muffin pizzas, strawberries

Monday- chicken patties and chicken nuggets with salads. 
Tuesday- Lasagna.  I am making a full recipe and freezing half for another night.
Wednesday- Pizza braid  I don't use Amy's dough recipe, I make mine in the bread machine.
Thursday- Leftovers for Jon and the kids.  Mom's night out for me!
Friday- Fish sticks and baby carrots for the kids.  I'll eat leftovers and Jon grabs something on the run while he is skiing.
Saturday- Nachos.  I had to put these on the menu twice this month when Jon commented that we hadn't had them in awhile.  These are a family favorite.
Sunday- Dinner at my parent's house.  I am in charge of bringing dessert and I am bringing this.  Not diet friendly I assure you!  But it looks so amazingly good.

It is getting close to the end of the month which means it is time to make out my monthly meal plan.  I may only post one week at a time here, but for the past four months I have been planning a full month out.  It is working well for my stockpile when I grocery shop.  And it means I spend less time each week trying to figure out meals for the following week.  Jon also likes being able to look at the fridge (where I post the plan) and see what we will be having in the coming days/weeks.  February is cold so I foresee some chilis and soups planned into our days.

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